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  Bariloche Moto Tours is an idea by Klaus Zinggrebe who founded the company  in 2006.
  Klaus was born in Germany and has lived not only there but also in France and the USA. 
  After spending 25 years of his life in the corporate world, he decided it was time for a 
  radical change and moved to Argentina.
   He has travelled extensively worldwide and has ridden more than 40,000 km on a bike, 
   throughout South America. 
   Klaus speaks French, English, German and Spanish and is responsible for the vehicles, 
   the routes and for sales.


  Andrea Zinggrebe is the other partner in the company.
  She is our language specialist and qualified translator, ensuring that our documentation, 
  publications and website are available for you in different languages.  
  Andrea is also responsible for the accounts, paperwork and all the bookings, 
  such as hotels or plane tickets.
  Andrea, who was born in Argentina, speaks French, English and Spanish.


  Charly Aubia is the driver of our support vehicle and a motorcycle guide. 
  Charly accompanies us on every tour, and you will love his kindness and ability 
  to help you in any way. 
  Charly is also part of the route scouting, which he does together with Klaus.
  He just loves any outdoor activity and he speaks Spanish and English.




  Nicolas Zinggrebe is our helping hand on every southern tour. 
  His people and language skills as well as his good mood and travel experience  
  are a  tremendous asset to our expeditions. 
  He will always be there to lend you a hand whenever needed.
  Nicolas speaks Spanish, English, and French 
Bariloche Moto Tours Srl - San Carlos de Bariloche - Provincia de Río Negro - República Argentina
Phone from outside Argentina: +54 2944 46 26 87 - in Argentina: (0294) 446 26 87 - mail: - skype: barilochemototours