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World's End Tour - Bariloche to Ushuaia
Fire and Ice Tour - Bariloche to Bariloche
High Passes of the Andes - Salta to Valparaiso
Tropical Tour - Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires

The prices shown are per person and for the MINIMUM number of drivers per tour. The prices can vary depending on the number of people signing up, any change of itinerary and/or of the hotel accommodation.

The PASSENGERS are the persons riding as second on the bike, wherever the tour allows it, or the ones taking the tour in our chase vehicle.

The tour price includes:

Bikes: Dual sport motorcycle minimum 600cc (Kawasaki KLR 650 or equivalent) equipped with a top case, high windshield and steel defenses, including third party liability insurance and permit for border crossing. The bikes will be delivered with full tanks of fuel at the start of the tour, however all other fuel, including that for the support vehicles will be paid for by the clients.

Support vehicle: A 4x4 vehicle with driver/mechanic and trailer to carry spares, tools, fuel cans, your luggage etc.

Other services: Route planning and reservations, daily maps and itinerary for each participant, multilingual staff to assist with any aspect of the tour, riding guide and the transportation of the motorcycles back to our home base in Bariloche.

Accommodation: the tour includes accommodation on a double room basis in good hotels, hosterías or estancias.

Meals: On the road, a picnic-style snack lunch will be provided including soft drinks. Please note that no alcoholic drinks are included.

The tour price excludes:

Any other tour expenses, including but not limited to, fuel for the bikes and support vehicle, all flights, taxi fares, entrance fees to museums and national parks, other activities and excursion, ferry fares, tips, personal expenses and airport taxes are for the client’s own account. Dinners are not included.



The tours are organised by:
Bariloche Moto Tours S.R.L., - San Carlos de Bariloche 8400, Provincia de Río Negro, Argentina, hereafter referred to as BMT.


The client’s reservation and subsequent confirmation by BMT signifies acceptance by the client of the terms of rental and the BMT tour. The client’s tour will be reserved by written confirmation from BMT.


To reserve any tour, each person is required to pay a down payment of 30% of the total price. The balance must be paid no later than 45 days prior to the start of the tour.


A guarantee deposit of 2,000 USD (two thousand US Dollars) per bike will be paid on taking delivery of the bikes. The guarantee deposit will be returned to the client after checking that the vehicles have been returned in the same condition and in the same working order as on the date of delivery. The guarantee deposit can be paid in cash or against a valid international credit card. In the latter case, the payment slip will be destroyed once checking is completed. The contracted rental period may not be interrupted where the clients are responsible for damages caused to the vehicles or due to the incapacity of the driver.


The services offered by BMT may vary depending on the chosen tour. The included services are itemized in the Tariffs shown above. The prices include accommodation in good, comfortable hotels or hostels and in double bedrooms. The client must specifically state when making the reservation if a single room is required. In the event that no single room is available, the client agrees to single occupancy of a double room at the tariff applied by the hotel or hostel.


Any service that is not shown as included.


In case of a cancellation by the client, the 30% deposit payment is non refundable. Should the trip be cancelled by BMT for reasons other than those beyond our control, the down-payment will be refunded minus the costs already incurred. All balance payments paid within 45 days prior and until tour departure are non-refundable if the cancellation is made by the client. If BMT cancels the tour within 45 days prior to the departure date, for other reasons than those beyond our control, the balance payments will be fully refunded.


In the event of interruption or cancellation of a tour for reasons beyond the control of BMT or due to force majeure (including but not limited to demonstrations, civil disturbance, strikes, extraordinary natural events such as floods, earthquakes), the contract between BMT and the client will be null and void.


The client must take responsibility for complying with road traffic laws and legislation in respect of group tours. In the case of non-compliance, BMT may declare the contract null and void and prevent further use of the vehicle by the client concerned, who will not be entitled to any reimbursement of the payments made. If such non-compliance should give rise to any financial loss to BMT, such costs will be borne entirely by the client.


The client must adhere to the current legal requirements in respect of passports, driving licenses, customs, visas and vaccinations. In respect of the Republic of Argentina, the client must possess a valid passport whose expiry date must be more than six months from the departure date of the tour and a valid driving license issued in the client’s country of origin permitting the handling of motorbikes of more than 600 cm3 capacity. BMT require a photocopy of the said documents at the moment of taking delivery of the vehicles.


It is the responsibility of each driver and passenger to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover as would be taken out for any overseas travel, including, but not limited to, accident, illness and repatriation cover.

The Vehicles are insured for third party damage only, excluding theft. In the event the Vehicle is stolen, the Guarantee Deposit will be immediately forfeit.

BMT provides anti-theft preventative measures, i.e. brake disc lock and handlebar lock, which the Client is required to use at all times when leaving the Vehicles parked unsupervised. The Client undertakes to exercise prudence when leaving the Vehicle overnight and at all times to ensure, wherever possible, that the Vehicles are parked in a secure location.  In the event that the Vehicle is stolen and where the anti-theft preventative measures have not been used, BMT will charge the Client for the full value of the Vehicle, as per date of purchase.


BMT will be responsible for planning the tours, choosing and supervising the associated service providers (hotels, ferries and the like), carrying out the contracted services in accordance with these clauses, the local customs and the description of the tour provided. BMT will not be responsible for any road traffic accident suffered. Each driver is responsible for their handling of the vehicle and their choice of route, even when following the BMT guide.

Each participant on the tour expressly accepts that the owners, representatives and associates of BMT will not be held responsible for the personal safety of the participant and that of their passenger as applicable, during the tour. Every participant agrees not to initiate legal action against BMT in respect of injury, death, invalidity or any damage to their possessions, family, dependents or legal successors, which may arise as a consequence of taking part in a BMT tour.

Every driver declares that they understand the risks that may be run from riding a motorbike; likewise, they declare themselves capable and skilful in the handling of the vehicle which has been entrusted to them and are responsible for the same. Consequently each driver agrees to release BMT from all liability in the event of any accident or damage suffered by them, to their passenger, to their personal effects and/or to third parties and undertakes not to drive under the influence of or the stupefying effects of alcohol and/or drugs.


The client is required to advise BMT of any problem which may prevent the good progress of the tour and to limit as much as possible all damages caused by such problems (above all in respect of the bikes). Any eventual claims must be made in writing within 30 (thirty) days from the end of the tour. Any claim received by BMT outside this period will not be processed.


The photos and films taken by the representatives of BMT during the tours may be used as publicity, even if the clients are recognizable in the images and without any cost to BMT. The images taken are the intellectual property of BMT.


BMT reserves the right to change the itineraries, and consequently the reserved accommodation, due to climatic conditions experienced or the change of season or due to local or regional occurrences beyond the control of BMT. BMT will do everything possible to respect the characteristics of the tour which has been reserved and to provide an equivalent service.


The tariffs for the tours have been calculated on the basis of local prices at the time of drawing up these terms of sale. In the event of an increase in the national rates of inflation, BMT reserves the right to modify the tariffs however if the modified tariff exceeds 5% of the indicated prices, BMT will reimburse the client 100% of all payments made, leaving the contract null and void.


BMT organises its tours at a time of year which is favourable for touring the region. However, BMT will not be held responsible for changes in weather conditions which may involve a modification to the itinerary. Furthermore, such modification due to weather conditions will not involve a reimbursement of payments made.


Verbal agreements between BMT and the clients will only be valid after receiving written confirmation from BMT. The guides are not authorized to close agreements which deviate from these present terms of sale.


The invalidity of one or more of the clauses contained in this document does not imply the invalidity of the others.


The above terms and conditions as well as the rental agreement signed between BMT and the Client are subject to the laws of the Republic of Argentina.

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